t-shirt by Bernard Rangel

T-shirt company WeAdmire in London/UK has signed on Bernard Rangel's artistic designs in a line of Zodiac Signs that can be ordered on line at www.weadmire.net Ordered product is mailed direct to consumer. Besides this line there are other art works of the international artist. Bernard has worked in several countries from Hong Kong to Brazil and worked in several areas of the art world. From painting stage backdrops, musican in Zebra, photographic studio assistant, painter decorator, household linen design, ceramics, paintings, jewellwey design, t-shirt printing and digital drawing. Over the past 35 years he has created a new genre of art, Contemporary Tribal Surrealsim, and this is now his global platform. Bernard is a true adventurer and a man of the world. He has lived and worked in 8 different countries, speaks several languages, and has also undertaken jobs of the most unusual nature from builder's assistant, roustabout on an oil exploration ship, hotel F&B manager, hotel owner, English teacher and English Course representative for US and UK English Courses in Brazil and musical journalist. The diversity of the artist is uncommon and despite being born in the late 50's his youthful appearance is something tha is remarked by all that meet him and engage with him in general conversation.